Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday Scrapple

The NFL pulled the plug on its game in Mexico City because the field was in lousy shape.  Bravo!  I hope the London games are next.  They are not American fan friendly, and we're the ones who pay the freight.  Unfortunately, I see an increasing presence in London, not a smaller one.

In the past three months, I've visited three restaurants for the first time.  It's been a great run.  I apologize for the inside reference.

I can throw together basics in the kitchen.  Cooking is something I have to do, not because I really enjoy it. I will admit, the November parade of turkeys on the Food Network is fun to watch.

USA Today's web site ads have become even more overbearing.  You put up with it because most of the site is still free, and USA Today does put quite a bit out there.

Watching the California wildfires sends one word through my head:  "helpless."

I create many of the graphics you see here, and I've been using the same program for quite a while.  I've finally found the way to more effectively use the program.  How many years did it take me?

FOX Sports extended its Major League Baseball contract to 2028.  Good move.  FOX does a nice job with baseball.

Why does Florida botch every major election?

Roy Clark died last week.  85.  His "Hee Haw" work overshadowed the fact that he was an outstanding musician.

USA Today believes Penn State is headed for the December 29th Peach Bowl in Atlanta.  That's not bad.

It's nice to see gasoline prices coming down for a change.  It will never last.

Speaking of driving, I had to pass through Clarks Summit yesterday afternoon.  Lovely area, but I don't know how people up there deal with all that traffic every day.