Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday Scrapple

True to form, December is flying by, and I'm sure January will be its usual draggy month.

USA Today ran a story the other day about yogurt manufacturers want us to eat it all times of day-- not just breakfast.  Two problems.  It's reasonably priced at the supermarket, but mini marts, with the exception of one, gouge you for it.  Second, it takes four of those little cups to satisfy me.

The Philadelphia Phillies have signed one of my favorite players, Andrew McCutcheon.  Objectively, he's 32 and you have to wonder how much is left in the tank.

One advantage of Christmas approaching:  Pumpkin spice is out.  Peppermint is in.

Why did Crest stop making that vanilla toothpaste?  I liked it.  Apparently, it wasn't selling.  Options these days are limited to the mint family and cinnamon.  I do like cinnamon.

Note to US house members and senators:  At least you can pretend to be interested when you are emailed about an issue.

The Oakland Athletics are getting a new stadium, finally, in a few years.  It can't find a radio home.  The A's could follow some hockey teams and go right to streaming.

By the way, I've been reading about some big time body chopping in major radio markets.  It makes me sad.  All the owners are doing are pushing more people to satellite and streaming services.

Fascinating story out of the Poconos this week-- how can someone steal from a Toys for Tots bin?  Simply awful.

Bob Barker turned 95 yesterday.  He is one of the all time greats.

I've had Uber and Lyft loaded on my phone for months, and have never used either.

More Grinch references crept into radio and TV news this week.  It stopped being cute a long time ago.

I really get a kick out of seeing live Christmas trees tied to the tops of cars.