Thursday, January 24, 2019

4 + 1 = 32

Yes.  4 = 1 = 32.  It's the new drug store math.

Let me crunch the numbers for you.  I stopped at an all night drug store the other morning because there was a sale on 2 liter bottles of diet soda.  On top of that, my favorite toothpaste was on sale.  I didn't need a tube, but at that price, what the heck?

Five items.  My register receipt was 32 inches!

Let me back up for a moment.  I get most of my stuff at a big box store.  This particular drug store has two things going for it.  It's open 24 hours, and some of the staff are simply the nicest people.

Let's examine the receipt.

A coupon for $3 off a tooth whitening kit.  Pass.

$4 off a 10 dollar razor and blade purchase.  Maybe.

30 per cent off Maybelline products.  Pass again.

$5 off Gillette products.  Maybe, again.

$5 off a $40 purchase.  Doubtful.

I already have a loyalty card.  Couldn't you just send me an e-mail, noting what discounts are available to me.

Save a tree.