Thursday, January 10, 2019

Business Thursday

I really want to write the definitive Sears/KMart blog entry, but the story keeps changing.  Tuesday morning, it looked like the company was dead.  It's hanging on, but by a thread.  Stay tuned.

I saw Easter candy in a store today, and Easter is late this year-- late April.

Broadcasting trade publications say ABC wants to get back in the NFL game, and is considering a bid for the FOX or CBS Sunday afternoon packages.  Yikes!  The current contracts are still a few years away from expiring.  Couple the bidding war with all the money the NFL will get from streaming, and the owners will be making even larger fortunes than they're currently receiving.

The Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas are getting new discount stores later this year.  A chain from New England is taking over the old Toys R Us buildings.  Just what we need-- more discount stores.  On the other hand, as I always say, in spite of what elected officials and the chambers of commerce tell you, there are a lot of people out there struggling to make ends meet.  Want fewer discount stores?  Improve the economy.

The annual post new year's day influx of newbies at the gym seems smaller this year, and it took longer to develop.

A new Sheetz opens in Scranton next week.  Guaranteed to be a hit.  Those places are gold mines.

Speaking of gold mines, HersheyPark is embarking on a huge expansion.  It should be ready for 2020.  I'm not an amusement park guy, but I do recognize people around here are fortunate to have Hershey and Knoebels so close.

It seems like the major growth industries in the years to come are marijuana and anything dealing with security.

PennDOT has floated a plan to widen Interstate 81 to six lanes from the Maryland line to Interstate 78.  It will take several years and cost $3 billion.  Why not here?  Clearly, there is a need.  We seem to be in the midst of a never ending feasibility study.

We've made a little progress on finding the origin of "blue streak."  See yesterday's blog entry.  There will be an update in the days to come.