Monday, January 14, 2019

Law & Order

I have to admit, the intrigue is delicious.

The FBI raided Scranton City Hall and Mayor Bill Courtright's home last week.  As of this writing, the FBI will not say what it is looking for.  The mayor has refused to comment, not returning repeated overtures.

Let's start off that everyone involved is innocent until proven guilty.  No one has been charged.  We don't know if anyone ever will be charged, and just because there's smoke doesn't mean there's fire.

Having established all of that, the people of the city really deserve to know what's going on, at least a little.  This isn't the best crisis management.  I remember when Rep. Joe McDade announced his own indictment.  He got out in front of it, and put his personal spin on the story.  It helped get McDade reelected to congress again and again, in spite of the cloud over him.  At least, Mr. Courtright, issue a statement.  You have to get this story under control.  Rumors are flying and that is never good.  The mayor did tell the Times~Tribune that resignation speculation is false.

Speaking of public disclosure, Wilkes-Barre Police put out a Facebook post last week, warning of a rash of strong armed robberies in the city's east and north ends.  Senior citizens are the targets.  The thieves grab wallets and cell phones.

It's horrible.  A city can't move forward if residents don't feel safe in their own neighborhoods.  It's nice the city issued the warning.  It will be even nicer when those who prey on the elderly are behind bars.

And, then, there was a shooting in a Scranton bar early Saturday morning.  An officer at the scene told us to call back later in the morning for information.  I guess people don't need to know if there's someone with a gun in their neighborhood until several hours after the fact.

And, we can't forget about the continued shenanigans in the Scranton School district, including repeated raids by members of the state attorney general's office.

In both Scranton and Wilkes-Barre stories, doesn't it do wonders for our area's image?   It reinforces a reputation for corruption and crime.


I was partially right on the Kansas City/Indianapolis game.  I predicted KC would win, but not cover.  Well, KC did win AND cover.  It's still a loss for me.  I'm starting to become a Kansas City believer.  I won't be in their corner until they win a big game.  A victory over New England this weekend will do it.

I said to take Dallas and 7 points in the Los Angeles game.  Dallas lost by eight, and another one in the loss column for me.  I will never be a Dallas fan, and I have to admit there is tons of potential on this team.

Sunday was a much better day for me.  New England beat Los Angeles easily, and covered the spread-- as I predicted.  I wouldn't have complained about a Los Angeles win

I predicted New Orleans would win and not cover the nine point spread.  New Orleans won by 6.  Again, I will never be an Eagles fan.  I will give the team credit for a good run at repeating their title.

Overall, 2 for 4 for the weekend.  5 for 8 on the playoffs.