Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday Scrapple

I hate shaving, but I like taking off a two or three day growth even more.

I had to catch up on a little shopping on January 2.  It was glorious!  The stores were empty and I found what I needed in record time.

Maybe I just wasn't listening in the right places, or I was asleep due to working bizarre shifts...  but I didn't hear any of those tedious "year in review" shows on radio.  By the way, some of the holiday fill in hosts on CBS Sports Radio and FOX Sports Radio were better than the regulars.

Speaking of year enders, this happened for a few of my years at WARM.  A company called SFM Entertainment would give us free "year in review shows."  We just had to play their commercials, with room for some of our own.  I looked forward to it.  The shows were several hours long and they were exceptionally well done.  It was a mix of music and news, good voices.  No, I don't know if the company is still around.

If you consider "winter" to be December, January, and February, like I do...  we've almost made it half way without a major storm or bitter cold. Yes, I vividly remember the foot we had just before Thanksgiving.  Storm-free is nice, but can we see the sun once in a while?

I've tried.  I can't get "in" to hockey, but that New Year's Day outdoor extravaganza certainly looked like fun.

Why does some security camera footage look great and other footage looks like garbage?  I guess you really do get what you pay for.  By the way, why do we still call it footage when there is no film footage.  It's all a digital file.

A Dick Cheney movie was a great idea.  Too bad it's so biased.

I watched the Gilda Radner documentary on CNN the other night.  Funny and sad at the same time.

The Sears downward spiral is nothing short of tragic.

New research shows that ten per cent of Americans have a food allergy, but twenty per cent think they do.  Me?  Plenty of things I don't like.  Zero allergies.

I was right on three out of four NFL playoff predictions over the weekend.  I missed only the Los Angeles/Baltimore game.  I'll try it again this weekend, and this weekend looks tougher to predict than the first round.