Sunday, February 17, 2019

Andy's Angles: Attire

OK, technically not a photo, but rather a screen grab.

This was the way I dressed for Tuesday's snow and ice storm that I covered from the Hazleton area.

I swapped out the liner that came with my company provided jacket for one of my thinner puffy coats.  I prefer baseball caps to knit hats, and the wind forced the addition of ear muffs.  The muffs had an added benefit.  I wear a thing called an IFB that allows me to hear the station.  It's made of flexible plastic that become less flexible in the cold.  The muffs keep it comfortably seated in my ear.

The ensemble worked nicely.

I wrote about puffy coats a while back, and how I have become fond of them.  I'm not thrilled with the bulk, but the light weight is fantastic.  On my days off, when the wind stopped and the temperature came up, I traded my puffy coat for a standard nylon coat with a fleece lining.  In comparison, it felt like it weighed a ton.