Saturday, February 16, 2019

Andy's Angles/First Person: I Gotta Get Out!

I've written about this phenomenon before.  I call it "truck claustrophobia.  The truck you see above was my office from 3 am to 1 pm Tuesday.  Photographer Corey and I were covering the snow and ice storm in Hazleton.

Outside of stepping out to do live hits and interviews from time to time, this was my home for ten hours.  I don't know how astronauts aboard the International Space Station stay cooped up for a year.  A trip to Mars will take years.  Good luck with that.

Corey and I finished out duties for Newswatch 16 This Morning and our Good Morning America updates.  We did a story for our noon broadcast.  Corey ducked into McDonald's while I looked at video, listened to interviews, and wrote my script in the back.  The finished script was transmitted back to producer Teresa for approval.  When it was green lighted, I asked Corey to drive over to the near by Laurel Mall.  I wanted to get out and walk around while Corey edited the video.  It was a temporary respite from truck claustrophobia.  I should note that in an era when malls are struggling, the Laurel Mall was an exceptionally pleasant place to spend a few minutes.  After a few loops and a quick sandwich break, it was back in the truck for our noon broadcast, and the drive home.
Truckers take a lot of heat, especially in snow storms, and some of it is deserved.  But I do respect those who can spend long hours in a metal or fiberglass box.  I couldn't wait to get out.

By the way, old timers will get the title reference.  In the early 80's, Solomon Roth conducted a going out of business sale at his Wyoming Avenue, Scranton furniture store.  An announcer gave the details.  Spaced in between were little snippets of Mr. Roth saying things like "Listen to me," and "I gotta get out."  They were among the most memorable radio commercials ever aired in this market.

"I gotta get out!"