Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Crime and Punishment

Scranton School District Administration Building, North Washington Ave.

There are some crimes that inspire more outrage than others.

Case in point:  last week's filing of charges against Gregg Sunday, the now retired business manager for the Scranton School District.  Sunday is accused of having the school district's fleet manager work on his personal vehicles, with the bills going to the school district.  The fleet manager faces his own set of charges.

Sunday didn't steal from the district.  He stole from you.  Taxpayers in Scranton took it in the shorts, and the pain extends beyond city limits.  The school district is on its way to the state take-over, and people across the commonwealth will have to bail it out.

I should add that Sunday is innocent until proven guilty, but his lawyer says Sunday is cooperating in the investigation and he indicated a plea agreement could be on the way.

Let's go a little deeper.  Taxes are going up.  So many people struggle to make ends meet, to keep their homes, to pay their taxes.  They're living paycheck to paycheck, shopping at dollar stores to help make ends meet.  Kids out in the cold, going to school in inadequate winter clothing as the schools lay off teachers and cut programs. 


At least someone had a nice car to drive to work.