Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cruel Shoes

I think I've only purchased a few pair of shoes from Payless over the years.  Still, its "going out of business" makes me sad.  People lose jobs.  Malls and shopping centers lose a tenant, and that has a domino effect.  Customers lose a place to get a decent pair of shoes at a low price, although there are many other options these days.

I remember grabbing a pair of boat style shoes at Payless that I really liked.  They didn't last long, but I expected that.  You really do get what you pay for.

I gave up on expensive work shoes a long time ago.  The news business puts a strain on footwear.  I've had expensive shoes wrecked by that unexpected snowfall, those puddles at fires, trudging through a swamp to see where a criminal dumped a body...

Comfort is the number one factor there says.  There can be long hours waiting for police to bring out an alleged criminal, pacing that hard courthouse floor, waiting for a trial to begin, keeping watch on a cold sidewalk, anticipating a candidates arrival...

I haven't been to one in ages, but I'm happy there are still a few shoe repair shops out there.  I do remember the days when you got a great pair of expensive shoes, and you kept them going by getting new heels and soles.  My last visit was to a place on Drinker Street in Dunmore.  I bought a belt that was too large, and I needed some extra holes punched.  The operator was a fan of the weekend morning broadcasts, and he did it for free.  I still give him a few dollars for a coffee.

My recent favorite pair of shoes finally wore out and had to be retired.  Believe it or not, Crocs made regular looking shoes, and they were designed for people in the food service industry.  They lasted for a very long time, light as a feather and exceptionally durable.  As luck would have it, Crocs discontinued that line.  I've searched every web site imaginable.  It's over, and I wish Crocs would bring them back.

By the way, "Cruel Shoes" was the title of a 1979 Steve Martin book and comedy routine.