Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Today is the last full day of winter, and believe it or not, there are some things I will miss.

First of all, I will not miss snow, ice, wintry mixes and "kitchen sink" storms.

I will miss ice cold water coming out of the tap.

There is a certain charm to putting on a heavy coat and going for a walk, and then crawling under a heavy blanket for some sleep when you get home.

There is the comfort of hot chocolate, chili, and a bowl of soup.

I love the sting of the cold when you walk out of the gym, after an early morning workout, on a single digit day.

I will miss the faint aroma of smoke from a wood burner, because someone near my gym apparently has one.

Clear blue skies.  Starry nights.  Zero humidity.  The cold has an ability to wake you up and crystallize thoughts.  I'm thankful my work desk is only a few feet from the backyard door.

Winter:  it's not all bad.