Sunday, May 5, 2019

Andy's Angles: Artsy

In spite of taking photographs for eons, and in spite of having a pretty good camera, I still consider myself an average photographer-- at best.

There are other demands on my time these days, and I don't get out to shoot as often as I once did.  It's almost a moot point because it seems just about every day is cloudy and rainy.

The planets aligned on the last Thursday of April.  I had free time and it was actually sunny!

This is one of my ill fated attempts to be artsy.  It's another view of the Forest City doughboy statue that is this month's blog header.  The sun is directly in the face of the statue.  The only color comes from the flags and the pale blue sky.  I didn't center up because I wanted more sky and the approaching cirrus clouds from the west.

Hey, I tried!