Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Media Tuesday

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?!" is coming to an end.  The company that produces it made the call.  Mixed feelings.  It was a fine show, and great fun to play along.  Unfortunately, in 17 years, only two people won the $1 million, and it's no fun to watch a game that no one wins.  I will give the producers credit.  Unlike "Deal or No Deal," they didn't junk it up with a bunch of stunts and gimmicks.

"The Big Bang Theory" ended its run this month.  I enjoyed the early years.  I pulled out when it became another bickering couples comedy.

Never saw "Game of Thrones."  Never will.  If you were a fan, I'm sorry.  The rest of us are thrilled the endless discussions have come to an end.

I looked at the networks' fall schedules.  Once again, nothing jumped out at me as "must see."  I'm sure something will be a surprise hit.

I missed the live and updated "All in the Family" and "Jeffersons" special that recently ran on ABC.  It was well reviewed, and I give Jimmy Kimmel credit for getting it done.

CBS canceled "Murphy Brown."  I really wanted it to succeed, but the producers were intent on making it a one joke broadcast, and look what happens.

I am seriously looking forward to the ABC reboots of "Press Your Luck," and especially "Card Sharks."

Unless I missed it, Marywood University's student newspaper didn't do its end of spring semester university report card this year.  What happened?

"Brockmire" on IFC wrapped up its third season, eight episodes, last week.  The series went in a slightly different direction this time around, still insanely funny.

Scott Pelley dropped a bombshell on CNN over the weekend.  It was shocking there wasn't a decent line of follow up questions.