Friday, May 3, 2019

Unfinished Friday

The Harrisburg Patriot says, on average,  more than one race horse dies every week here in Pennsylvania.  Why aren't red flags going up?

It's 2019.  Why is measles still a thing?

Episode 5 of the third season of "Brockmire" aired the other night.  The outrageousness factor is way down this year, but the heart is way up.  I wasn't sure I'd like this season, but it's really good.

Staying with TV, I caught the second episode of the new "Restaurant Impossible" run.  New producer, but it's the same show and it's still very entertaining.

People are questioning whether the lieutenant governor's legalized marijuana listening tour is stacking the deck by having many of the forums on college campuses.

Even though many people are sick of them at this time of year, I still enjoy hard boiled eggs.

CBS News blew up its morning show, again.  Revolving doors never get ratings.