Wednesday, June 12, 2019

One More

I'm like an old dog with a bone on this graduation thing.  I can't let it go.  One more photo and story before I move on.

Once upon a time, there was a school on this lot.  It was half high school, half elementary school, and all fire trap.  We split our time between the school that used to be here and the one you see on the right.

Then, the state condemned the old school in 1976.  It was just too dangerous.  The old school was torn down years later, and unfortunately, I was occupied by other things at the time.  I would have loved to watch the demolition.

The property was sold to a church.  The church established a beautiful park here.  The trees and shrubs have grown nicely, and it's an asset to this part of town.  My personal preference would have been to plow salt in to the earth so nothing grows there, ever again.

On the other hand, it is wonderful to see something so nice on a piece of land that could have witnessed the death of dozens.