Friday, June 7, 2019


What happened to ketchup?

A furor recently erupted when a Pittsburgh area amusement park switched to Hunt's over home town Heinz.

The PBS show, "America's Test Kitchen" did a taste test and preferred Hunt's.  The hosts usually say people choose the brand they grew up with.  In my case, it's Heinz.

But, something changed.  I recently cracked open a brand new bottle.  There is a new controversy over using sugar versus corn syrup.  I really don't care.  Here is what bugged me.  I found it to be way too sweet.  Horribly so.  Yuk!

I don't use that much ketchup, so I'm stuck with this bottle for a while, and I'm in no mood to start sampling a bunch of different brands to find one that actually puts the tomatoes and spices ahead of the sugar.

Heinz, you really messed with something good.