Friday, July 5, 2019

Check, Please!

I've never been to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Published reports last week say the chain is getting rid of several slow selling menu items, in favor of making the remaining food better.

What a concept!

In a related story, Pizza Hut said it is going back to its classic logo, in an attempt to boost sales.  Good luck.  What about improving the food and improving service?

Buffalo Wild Wings and Pizza Hut are not alone.

I ran in to a radio friend at a supermarket last week.  This chain has a great hot section, in addition to the usual deli fare.  My friend said he decided to hit the supermarket because things were a mess at the fast food restaurant across the street and he grew weary of standing in line.

I know the restaurant business is a tough one, and fast food can be difficult.  The home office is always dropping new and complicated menu items on you, and good help is hard to find.

The business simply appears to be in a downward spiral.  Waits are too long.  Orders are bagged incorrectly.

It really shouldn't be this hard.