Thursday, August 1, 2019


It's August, the last month of summer, and I'm okay with that.  Above normal temperatures are fine in fall, winter, and spring.  Summer is a much different story.  As I write this, we've had ten 90+ degree days, and that's too many in my book.

I simply don't enjoy the heat as much as I once did.  I want those "open window" days of spring and fall.  I want the sun to set at a reasonable hour.  I want to be comfortable again.

I will admit that summer has flown by.  Back to school sales are underway.  It won't be long before jackets come out of the closet, the air conditioner comes out of the window, football starts, baseball ends, and decisions include what to eat at La Festa Italiana, and who to vote for in November.

Summer lovers, there is still a good month left.  I'll be counting the hours until Labor Day.