Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday Scrapple

I haven't done a "Scrapple" entry in quite a while...

While I admire their grace and power, "Shark Week" just doesn't interest me.

You know fall is approaching when sports shows talking about baseball playoff possibilities.

Another massive data breach.  This time, it's Capital One.  I don't like it, but you have to realize that your personal information is never, ever safe.

Football throwback uniforms do nothing for me, but I do like when baseball does it.  I really enjoy seeing the Phillies in light blue.

The hoopla over the  Apollo 11 anniversary came and went far too quickly.

How's that soccer revolution coming along?

Friday was the 40th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Thurman Munson of the Yankees.  I remember watching Mike Gemei break the news on the old WDAU.

I flip around the TV dial every night at 11:35, and I do what I've been doing since Letterman retired-- turn on the radio.

The Wilkes-Barre Times~Leader has new owners.  I'm still thrilled the city has two competing newspapers.

I'm convinced that companies that put out disgusting food flavors, like mustard ice cream,  know they won't sell.  They just want the free publicity.

USA Today reports Samsung is getting rid of the smartphone headphone jack.  Please, don't.