Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Geezer Moment

Legendary radio DJ Doung "Greaseman" Tracht used to call reminisces like this "geezer moments," and here is today's edition.

I am of an age when I remember when cigarette commercials were OK on TV, and hard liquor ads were banned.  Now, it's the other way around.

I do a fair amount of listening to sports talk radio.  It's a nice diversion from the troubles around the globe.  Sportstalk radio is now dominated by ads for legal gambling.  The big radio and TV networks even have entire shows dedicated to sports betting, and a gambling parlor just opened in the casino in Plains Township.

Betting on sports was always a "wink and nod" activity.  It was under the table, and even though the point spreads were in the morning paper, it really wasn't talked about much.

Clearly, it's all changed.  It's out in the open now, and dare I say, respectable.  This geezer will need a little time getting used to it.