Friday, October 18, 2019

Counter Culture


There's a scene from the Addams Family where Morticia cuts the bloom off flowers and leaves the stems.

I felt the same way yesterday. Apologies to those who lost power and those who had to chase their trash cans in to the next borough, but I actually liked the cold, grey, rainy, windy conditions we had yesterday. It had a certain charm and it definitely wasn't boring.

After I returned home from a morning of errands and meetings, it was entertaining to watch leaves fly up the street, and hear the howl of the wind.

It was even better after I finished what needed to be done around the house. The leaves rustling and the sound of the wind was the perfect backdrop to an afternoon of reading.

It has been established here that I'm up all night, even on my days off. It has also been established that I visit the gym early in the morning to burn off a few calories. I do skip my visits when it snows, and I do enjoy sitting at the computer, catching up on the news, and watching the snow fall outside my window.

Weather doesn't have to be good to be enjoyable.