Friday, October 11, 2019

Marathon Weekend

I remember covering the first few Steamtown Marathons, and thinking it's a cute little race.  We'll have it for a few years and it will fade away.

I was wrong, and I'm happy about it.

The Steamtown Marathon has grown in to one of our area's signature events.

What makes is special is it's so "local."  Locals run (along with a lot of out of towners).  It pumps money in to the local economy, and it benefits a local charity, St. Joseph's Center-- an organization that can really use the money.

It's more than 26 miles from Forest City to downtown Scranton.  It's all those local volunteers, and the people who stand along the streets, cheering the runners along the way.

Plus, there's a lack of pretense.  This is simply a lot of fun for everyone involved.

The marathon is set for Sunday morning.  As I write this, the forecast looks iffy.  It could be rainy.

Regardless, let's support something that means so much to our area.