Tuesday, October 22, 2019

WS 19

The World Series starts tonight.  Washington vs Houston.

It's a minor heart versus head conflict.  I say "minor" because I really don't care who wins.

If I was betting, I'd pick Houston.  It is a very strong team.  Emotionally, there is no one here not to like.  It seems like it's a decent bunch of guys.

On the other hand, I always root for the underdog.  In this case, it's Washington.  It's a great story.  The season got off to a horrible start.  The team's best player, Bryce Harper, bolted for the Phillies.  Some kids really stepped up in Washington to get the job done.  On top of that, Washington's trophy case is empty and it would be nice to see Washington get its first World Series trophy.

I'll be asleep during the games.  Maybe I'll be up for the endings, because these things go really late.  I'll be sure to watch the highlights in the morning.

Enjoy the series.