Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Wasted Money

Some things drive me absolutely insane.

Background:  I am unashamedly old school.  There are certain proven standards that need to be followed.

More background:  I minored in public relations and advertising in college, and I learned from some of the best.  I've been in radio and television for nearly 40 years, and I've worked with some of the best.


I was leafing through the holiday gift edition of a local free entertainment weekly last week.  It was a special edition, and I learned it just by lifting it off the rack.  It was much heavier than its usual eight pages.  An aside:  What happened?

Another aside:  The issue contained some great gift ideas.  It almost makes me wish I had friends.

A good print ad should contain your address, phone number, web site, and business hours.  I was shocked to see how few had all four.  Plus, if you are in an out of the way, or a new location, give a landmark, something like "across the street from the courthouse."  Businesses are spending money to get people in the doors, and some of those businesses make it difficult for potential customers to find them.  They throw money away,  and then wonder why advertising didn't work for them.

I'm surprised things like that are allowed to happen.  It's all just common sense.

Keep it up, and I'll see you at the "going out of busniess" sale.