Thursday, January 9, 2020

Half Baked and Buck

PennLive.com reports Subway is closing several restaurants in central Pennsylvania.  Does anyone really like going here?  Just from talking with friends and coworkers, it seems to be the place to hit when you're out of time and out of options.  Subway used to be really good and reasonably priced.  It's too bad the chain lost its way.  Perhaps it will get back on track and be a real destination one day.

Our friends at the Times~Tribune have done some excellent reporting on the problems at the CharlMont, inside the Lackawanna County Government Center, formerly the Globe store.  The man who leases the restaurant space hasn't paid his rent.  He's complained about a number of issues, including parking and street access.  Is all this a surprise?  Didn't the restaurant operator and the county know about all the physical limitations prior to opening?  I don't get it.

I know the restaurant industry is tough and competitive.  Good help is hard to find.  I hit a fast food place the other morning, and my bag of food was practically thrown at me.  There is no excuse for lack of courtesy, and yes, I did let management know about it.

There are a lot of places to get food.  Service always made the difference to me.

And, before we go, a quick note about the passing of Buck Henry.  He was the creative force behind some legendary movies, including "The Graduate."  There were a few epic "Saturday Night Live" appearances.  Buck Henry helped create "Get Smart."  The spy spoof was one of the most clever TV series of all time.  Buck Henry was 89.