Monday, January 13, 2020


We are only a couple of days away from January 15, the day I consider to be winter's "half finished" point.  Meteorological winter is considered December, January, and February-- the three coldest months.  Half way through January means half way through winter.

As I see it, it hasn't been bad so far-- only a few minor show and ice events where I live.  Yes, I know our northern tier counties were hammered a couple of times.  We've had above normal temperatures, including some record breakers.

Even if you factor in "astronomical winter," Groundhog Day, the half way point, is only a few weeks away.

Yes, I know we've had some fierce cold in late January, and some major snow storms in February and March.  Still, we have made it over a significant hump.  Sunrises are late, but sunsets get a little later every day.  You can feel the sun getting a little stronger.

We'll be complaining about the heat and humidity before you know it.