Monday, January 27, 2020

In Memoriam

Jim Lehrer died last week.  85.  PBS reporter and anchor.

I'm not going to pretend to be a "NewsHour"fan, but I was impressed that he moderated 12 presidential or vice presidential debates.  That's a tribute to the man's fairness and respect.

I did read Lehrer's book. "A Bus of My Own" when it was released.  Lehrer's father ran a bus company and then managed a bus station.  Lehrer loved buses, collecting signs and other memorabilia over the years.  He even bought and restored an old bus that he drove around his farm.  I'm sure you can find the book somewhere.  You'll enjoy it, even if you're not a news junkie.  The man had a fascinating career.

Lehrer, according to the Washington Post, was one of those journalists who never voted.  That makes me sad.   Lehrer believed it preserved his impartiality.  Voting is a privilege.  Use it.  if you're a journalist, be fair and leave your bias behind when you walk out of the polling place.

Shifting gears...

Friday was the 45th anniversary of the death of Larry Fine, by favorite Stooge.

I loved Larry for several reasons.  He reminded me of the guy who lived across the street.  My neighbor wasn't a stooge, but there was a slight resemblance, especially in the nose and the hair line.  I still look at the porch where my neighbor spent so many days after retiring, and I really miss him.

Larry always tried to be the peace maker between Moe and Curly or Shemp.  He always tried to do the right thing, the voice of reason, and he was always rewarded with a slap.

Few people know Larry was an accomplished violinist, and a Philadelphia native.

He made me laugh, and I am grateful for the gift.