Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Philadelphia Freedom

I've touched on this briefly before and the topic came up again when the Pennsylvania Turnpike hiked its tolls January 5th.

I always loved going on the turnpike as a kid, because it always meant a fun trip-- a Phillies game, Atlantic City, the big mall near Allentown, just some general wandering.

Clearly, things have changed.  The turnpike is a nice short cut from Clarks Summit to Taylor and Pittston.  I use it at work to get to stories in Carbon County.  Most of the joy is gone, but there are still fond memories.

Springboarding off that, part of the fun involved with heading south on the turnpike was listening to Philadelphia radio stations.  KYW was at the top of the list, but there were others.  Philadelphia was heaven for a radio and news junkie like me.

Well, some of that magic is gone, too.  There is someone you can blame.  Her name is Alexa.    I can listen to KYW, WOGL, WIP and WPEN FM any time I want, and I still do it most days. KYW is on my smart speaker most mornings of my off days.  It's still a kick and I still appreciate solid radio news and sports. 

The mystique has disappeared, but it has evolved in to something else.  I know people who work at KYW and WPEN FM.  It's a kick to hear them and I'm thrilled they are doing well.