Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Speech

I give variations of the same speech to every prospective journalist and broadcaster I meet.  It essentially entails:  Make sure this is something you want to do.  You will be here on weekends, overnights, early mornings, birthdays and holidays.  You will see many unpleasant things, and you will meet people on the worst day of their lives.  When your friends get the day off because it snows, you'll be coming to work.  You're not going home, either.  You'll be in a hotel for your safety and to make sure you can get to work.  We don't get "snow days."

Yes, it has scared away a few.  You simply have to know what you're getting in to.  when I hear complaints, I invariably say "What did you expect when you took this job?"

That brings us to Harry and Meghan.  Meghan Markle married a prince and seems to be uncomfortable with life in the spotlight?  Well, what did you expect when you married a prince?

Having said that, I think the media shouldn't hound the royals without mercy.  I have a NewsFlash for the foreign media.  The royal family isn't that interesting.

Harry and Meghan plan to move to Canada to get away from it all.  It's caused an uproar in the royal family.   Why?  Respect their wishes.  Let them go to lead their own lives.  Don't force Harry and Meghan to be miserable.