Friday, July 11, 2008

They Make It So Easy!

I've railed against the people in Harrisburg many times before. You know how the speech goes. They care more about the special interests rather than the people they're elected to represent. They hire the connected rather than the best and the brightest. They have no problems wasting your money. Meaningful reforms? Forget it. Many are sanctimonious and arrogant. At least one is a proven liar. They make it easy for the public to hold them in low regard, and they really don't seem to care.

A dozen people, including a current state representative and a former one, were indicted yesterday. The charges include giving out state bonuses (your money) to people who worked on political campaigns. On top of that, the accused allegedly tried to get rid of the evidence.

It's disgusting and we deserve better.

I bet there's more to the story, and I hope the investigation doesn't end here.

The accused are innocent until proven guilty, but one fact is not in dispute-- thousands of dollars in "bonus" money was tossed around. While the bonus program itself is not illegal, it's criminal to spend that money when our schools need help, when our roads and bridges are falling apart, when our taxes are so high.

They stole our trust, and that's more valuable than the money.