Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Little Church

I try to take a walk, early in the morning, on my days off. There's a pretty little church on my route. This church used to have really nice Christmas decorations-- the perfect amount, bright--yet respectful, cheery-- not gaudy. It had a real small town, quaint feeling.

Like a lot of churches here in our area, the parish was merged with another. I think there's only one mass here a week. It happens. If the money's not there, if the parishioners aren't there, if the priests aren't there... Well, you know what happens next.

The church has been void of external Christmas decorations the past few years, and that's sad. It was always so nice. It gave the neighborhood character.

The Diocese of Scranton will be closing churches in the new year. We know that much. There are rumors a lot of churches will be shuttered. I don't know about that. You know how rumors are. When it comes to facts, those who know don't talk, and those who talk don't know.

Still, I wonder how many people will be at mass on Christmas and wondering if this will be the last in their church.