Friday, December 5, 2008

That 70's Theatre

The 70's was a pretty good decade, but far from a perfect decade.

One of the shortcomings was those shoe box style movie theaters that popped up in and around shopping centers.

Most have been, thankfully, torn down. At least one continues to live as a porn theater. And now, a cineplex next to the Dickson City K Mart is on its way out.

The Endless Mountains Theatre, off Business Route 6 has been sold. It will become a non denominational church, after $2 million worth of renovations.

I have to tell you the truth. Endless Mountains had seen better days. The curtains were ripped. The seats and the carpets were stained. Shabby, at best. I occasionally saw films here. Why, you may ask. Well, the people were nice and the theater was rarely crowded. I'll give up cup holders, stadium style seating and booming sound to avoid the crowd.

I'm not the only one who will miss this place. Endless Mountains Theatre often showed independent and locally produced films. There aren't many places that do that.

Those shoe box theaters were huge mistakes, but this one was different. I'm sorry to see it go.