Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Scrapple

Like scrapple, we've added a little bit of everything today...

I don't watch "America's Most Wanted." First, I'm usually asleep when it's on. Second, it's just not my type of program. However, I respect what the show's done, and that's assist in the capture of more than 1,000 fugitives. Among the latest, a pair of accused killers from Scranton. I'm sure FOX can put something else in that time slot and make more money. It's a good thing it's still around.

We've been getting hit lately for paying more attention to the dogs killed in a Carbon County kennel fire, rather than the propane truck driver who was injured. We tried to get truck driver information over the weekend, and other attempts were being made as I was leaving the office yesterday. Hospitals have privacy rules. We got a condition and little else. I'm not complaining. That's the law. While the dogs may have received more attention, it doesn't diminish the importance of a human life.

The state is paying about $200,000 to teach manners to liquor store employees. I don't go to liquor stores often, but I've never had a discourteous clerk. It's another fine example of your tax dollars at work.

I've been seeing a lot of news stories lately about people suffering from a "bad economic news fatigue." I can relate. On the other hand, the stories are too big and too important to ignore.

My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In... I could not possibly care less. As I've said before, if a "friend" wants to get in touch, contact me directly. There's no need for a "social networking" site.

For some reason, the Blogger.com site spell checker red flags "scrapple."