Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's Happened to Me?

One thing leads to another. See if you can follow me here.

Due to a bizarre set of circumstances in the wonderful world of broadcasting, I found myself with a rare winter vacation.

A friend and I got into a discussion last week about our misspent youth in bowling alleys.

Put one and one together, and I would up in a bowling alley yesterday morning.

I hadn't picked up a ball in a few years, and I wondered if I could enjoy the game as much as I once did.

First of all, Jeez O'Pete, when did bowling get so expensive?!?! One guy, three games, one pair of shoes: $14. Add another $1.50 for a bottle of pop. It was not an inexpensive 45 minute early morning outing. I was the only bowler in the building at 7:30 AM yesterday. There was one old buck paying a video game machine. How about some cut rates for off peak times? I bet you'd be able to fill some of the 33 lanes that WEREN'T in use during my visit.

So, how did I do? 151, 137, 140. Not bad for my first outing in a few years, and it really wasn't as awful as the scores would indicate. I got more than a few strikes. Here's my problem: I got a lot of 8 and 9 counts on my first ball, but I had difficulty picking up the spares.

Will I go again? Probably. Obviously, bowling wasn't as much fun as it was in my teenage years, but it was still a pretty good time.

Jessica Biel is 27 today. Happy Birthday!