Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking for a Name

A viewer recently e-mailed a question.  I couldn't find the answer by searching the web and polling friends and co-workers.

There used to be a restaurant at the back of the Viewmont Mall, Dickson City, Penney's store.


By the way, this picture is not the Viewmont Mall store, but it is one of the better shots of the old Penney's logo that I could find on-line.

Penney's used to be a traditonal, old line department store-- hardware, candy, records, appliances, sporting goods, auto equipment, toys & games, etc.  It dumped all that stuff, and kept clothes and home furnishings.

Staying with Viewmont, Sears used to have a restaurant.  I don't remember the name of that one, either.  Grant's also had a little place to sit and eat.  If memory serves, it was called "Bradford's" because the Grant's chain got its start in Bradford, PA.  It even had a cute little mascot, a pilgrim named "Buddy Bradford."

There was a lunch counter at the Viewmont Thrift Drug store.  The BLT's were my favorite.  I also vividly remember the hot dogs at the Viewmont "Purple Cow" snack bar. 

And, who didn't graze for samples at Hickory Farms?

I called Penney's Monday morning.  The assistant manager sounded like a very young man.   I asked him about the name anyway, feeling the restaurant was well before his time.  He remembered the restaurant.  Here's how he knew the name.  Some old menus and related material were uncovered during a recent renovation of the Viewmont store.  The restaurant was known simply as "The Restaurant at Penney's." 

Problem solved.