Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mystery, and a New "World News" Logo

A pair of mysteries, and a little religion as we head up to Christmas...

I got the first sticker in a West Baltimore mall in the early 90's.  It was in a seedy part of the town.  The mall looked like a ghost town.  There was a small table with a few stickers on it.  I grabbed one, wandered around for a little while and took off.  A check of shows 95.1 in Baltimore is still WRBS, and it still has a religious format.  I should add, it has a monster signal.

Clearly, the second sticker came from a country station in Arizona.  Never been there.  Unlike most of my collection, I have no idea how I acquired this one.

A Google check shows at least two FM 99.1's in Arizona.  One plays adult contemporary music.  The other has a Mexican format.

It's Christmas week, and a never ending stream of Christmas photos, plus my favorites of 2009 will occupy me for the rest of the year.

New anchor, new logo.  Here's what ABC's World News will use when Diane Sawyer takes over the anchor chair Monday evening.