Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twitter Me This

It you want to spend your time Twittering or messing with your FaceBook page, go nuts.  Enjoy it.  Have fun!

I personally find them a monumental waste of time, but I'm sure you view some of the things I do as first class stupidity.  It's what makes America great.

Here's what puts FaceBook and Twitter head and shoulders above every other trivial pursuit.  There is now an entire class of people who view the "social media" as some sort of art and science.  They're something that should be studied, analyzed, and maximized to promote yourself and your business.

Collecting baseball cards used to be harmless fun for kids-- until the adults got involved and tried to use it as a money making venture.  I fear Twitter and FaceBook are headed for the same fate.    A cute little way to keep in touch with friends has now become big business-- one that's the subject of college courses for people who apparently can't think of something meaningful to study.

I've done my best to embrace most of the new technologies that come down the pike.  I own a smart phone, LED light bulbs, a digital camera, an iPod, the new pomegranate flavor of 5 Hour Energy, a satellite radio, a Magic Jack, buckwheat pillow,  five bladed razor, and two ply toilet paper.  You can keep your Twitter and FaceBook, and you can also keep your people who take those things far too seriously.