Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Over

I come to you today with a great deal of sadness.

While I love my job, I've just burned off my last week of vacation for 2011.

How did I spend my precious time off?  Playing with my computer, watching the World Series, playing with my camera, taking advantage of Anytober, wandering through stores, Tweeting, watching Big Bang Theory reruns, walking the dog, and sleeping.  Lots of sleeping.

I even found time for a little business.  We went through a computer system switch at the office during my time away.  I had one training session before I left, and I felt I need another.  A fellow producer showed me the way yesterday morning, and for that, I am grateful.  Yes, I spent time at work while I was on vacation.

Now, it's back to the keyboard, the camera, and the microphone, with an eye already looking toward 2012.