Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Running on E

I did a Newswatch 16 Special Assignment on e-readers, and it ran in yesterday's 5 PM broadcast.

They're fascinating little devices-- filled with information, books, newspapers, magazines and video.

Yet, I don't have one and I have no burning desire to get one.  I tried to figure out why.  Then, it came to me.

I'm suffering from "tech fatigue."  I have too many appliances, cords, adapters, cables, chargers, addresses, numbers, passwords, accounts...

I wish someone wound invent one machine that does it all.  It appears the smart phone comes the closest.  I used to have one.  I found it too big to be truly portable and too small to be really useful.  I abandoned it in favor of my old flip phone.

An e-reader is in my future.  I'll be buying one sooner rather than later.  The prices have come down, and more content is available than ever before.  I read way too much to be without one.

Still, I can do without the added clutter.