Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Photography Sunday: Mary Stegmaier

Another Wilkes-Barre mansion to close out the weekend...

This is the Mary Stegmaier mansion, on South Franklin Street.

If memory serves, the Red Cross used to be here, and WKRZ AM and FM were in a structure on the same property, to the left and rear of this photo.

It was up for sale, for $450,000 when I took this photograph, and below is the entry from the real estate agent web site.

Three-story historic mansion built in 1907 by the owners of the Stegmaier Brewing Company. This building is in excellent condition designed with stained glass windows and a solarium of stained glass. It is located in the historic district of Wilkes-Barre adjacent to Wilkes University. There is a large 2-car garage to the rear and off-street parking for 15 cars. It is ideal for office or residential use.
The property is located in the downtown Wilkes-Barre business district.