Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Newsroom

I wasn't going to invest any time in the second season of HBO's "The Newsroom."  I found the first season a little too talky and preachy.  While there were many realistic moments, far too others strained credibility.

A couple things changed my mind. 

The first was the addition of Constance Zimmer to the cast.  She plays a Romney campaign worker.  Zimmer was one of the break out characters in a dreadful 2002 NBC sitcom called "Good Morning Miami."  Then, "Boston Legal" and "Entourage."  I've always found her to be extremely watchable.  Zimmer didn't make it in to the first episode.

Then, I took another look at the first episode of "The Newsroom" and I found I liked it more the second time around.

Episode one of the second season aired Sunday night. I watched.  I liked.  It was a nice balance between what happens in the news business and the personal relationships.  There was a lot of that control room, news business excitement that drew a lot of us to the business.  Plus, I enjoyed the discussions, the give and take, the arguments.  Believe me, that stuff is real.

It looks like I'll be around for the second season.