Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Top 10 and Other Things

Golly.  Is it that time of year again?  2013 has flown by so it's time for my Top Ten photos of 2013.

It's a lot like last year.  They are not necessarily the best photos I've ever taken, but they are ones that mean a lot to me.  This year features more variety than other years.  There are actually living things, like animals and people.  I've branched out, pardon the pun, from trees, rivers, bridges, and buildings.  Tomorrow's countdown, however, begins with the tried and true.

The photo thing underwent a bit of a change in 2013.  The "Bad Photography" title went away.  It was replaced by "Andy's Angles," at the suggestion of co-worker Mindi Ramsey.

Number 10 on the countdown appears tomorrow.  I'll also add a line or two on issues of the day if and when the need arises.  I can't stay quiet for ten days.

Other than that, enjoy the holiday season, and I hope you like the photos.

By the way...

Katie Couric's talk show goes away after this current season is over.  Ratings were OK, but the show was expensive to produce.  Do the math.

Why the uproar over "Duck Dynasty?"  The "gentleman" was free to say whatever he wants.  A&E was free to determine what he had to say is not in the best interest of the company and its advertisers.  Once again, do the math.  Most tv and cable contracts contain a behavior clause.  He didn't behave.  Suspended.  How is this so hard to figure out.  I will never cease to be amazed by networks that hire outrageous people acting surprised and shocked when these individuals engage in outrageous behavior and make outrageous statements.