Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Hate This

I love the vast, vast majority of my job.  And then, there is this-- a fire.

This is a camera phone shot I took of a Monday morning fire on Honesdale Road in Carbondale Township.

I've always hated fires.  A two month old was checked out for breathing in smoke, and was quickly discharged.  No one was seriously hurt, and there's a lot to be said for that.  A lot.

It also should be noted, a family lost everything, some things that cannot be replaced.  Police say the family had no insurance.

It's all so sad.

Unfortunately, we had to be there.  Bad things often happen to good people.  That's news.  You spend money on volunteer fire departments.  You should see what your dollars do, and see the sacrifices of the men and women and women who fight these things.

Some hydrants froze and others didn't work.  It's an infrastructure story, and you should know that, too.

Yesterday's efforts should be lauded.  The same goes for last week's fire at Damenti's in Butler Township.  In both instances, access and information were not issues.  That includes everyone from traffic control to the chiefs.