Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's 2014...

...  and it defies analysis.

As I'm writing this, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 hasn't been found.  The best we know it the 777 disappeared over the weekend, somewhere off the coast of Vietnam, or maybe not.

We have satellites that can read auto license plates from space.  Your location can easily be discovered via a call phone call.  Someone is swiping credit card records on a daily basis.  Yet, we can't find a jet with 239 on board.

Granted, Malaysia flight 370 apparently went down in a rather uncivilized part of the world.  However, it seems like we're still relying on ancient "technology" to track and find our flights.  If you're flying on a carrier outside of the United States, best of luck to you because a lot of them really don't have their act together.  The Malaysian government and its airline seem especially incompetent.

I can't wait to see the way this one turns out, and I hope we've learned lesson.  There are better ways to track flights, and it's long overdue.