Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Scrapple

The NFL is said to be close to adding two teams to the playoffs.  It's just a greedy move, aimed at getting more money out of the networks.  The playoffs are OK as they are.

USA Today reports Quizno's is close to filing for bankruptcy.  Talk about a fine chain that lost its way.  Quizno's is a little pricey, but its offerings are different than standard sub fare.

The Ukraine situation, especially Russia's saber rattling scares me.  By the way, after decades of saying "The" Ukraine, it's tough to get in the habit of writing and saying simply "Ukraine."

I know it's only spring training, but it's nice to see baseball again.

Paula Deen would be better off if she did fewer interviews.

I've really tried to like Jimmy Fallon.  It's not happening.  Letterman's humor is more to my liking.  More clever, more edgy, less silly.  I'll give Fallon credit for being a solid music/comedy talent.

The federal government wants more user friendly nutrition labels.  The reason?  So people know what they're eating.  Food choice, for a lot of people these days, is what you can afford and what you have time for, rather than the soundest nutritional selection.

I was sorry to read the University of Scranton student newspaper is warring with administration over the release of information.  The students just learned a valuable lesson.  He who owns the press controls the content.

The director of the "Anchorman" series says there won't be a third installment.  I wish he felt that way about "Anchorman" and "Anchorman2."