Tuesday, August 26, 2014


My Monday morning assignment was a "back to school" story.  It's one everyone in the business has done several times, and it's always fun.  Kids are anxious and nervous.  The same goes for the parents, teachers and administrators.

Thanks to Pittston Area for access to the middle school.  It's nice to be known and trusted.  When I said we were doing a feature, they knew they weren't being tricked just to get a camera in the building.

After giving it some thought, photographer Dave and I came up with an unusual hook-- a teacher who is retiring in June, making this her "last first day."  We had a nice talk.  My story went two minutes and five seconds, an eternity in TV time, but it flowed nicely.

Watching those kids enter school yesterday triggered my "first day" thoughts.

I hated going back in elementary and junior high.  As I grew older, I couldn't wait to get the school year started.  I liken it to a prison inmate anticipating his release date.

We always, always went back after Labor Day, and I'm sorry most school districts have gotten away from that.  I understand the reasoning.  School districts seem more willing to pull the trigger on snow days in this modern area, so this keeps the school year from stretching in to mid and late June.

Our time was spent at Pittston Area Middle School, and it really is true.  Girls develop faster.  Boys have to wait a bit longer for their growth spurt.

What's up with the enormous backpacks?  I never had that much stuff to carry, and some of the backpacks appeared larger than the children.

Some things haven't changed.  Most of the kids were struggling with their locker combinations.  I was never good at combination locks, either.

Even though the school had its share of high tech stuff, learning is still learning

I told the staff at the school that I'll be back in June.  Here's to a happy, safe, and fast moving school year.