Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Scrapple

The Little League World Series is a marvelous event.  Yet, I'm still concerned the intense media spotlight is putting too much pressure on the kids.

I'm ready to switch to fall, but not winter.  If there's one flaw in our climate here, it's spring and fall don't last long enough.

We are only two weeks in to the NFL pre-season, and I'm already tired of Johnny Football.

There's not a lot on the fall tv schedule that excites me.  Tea Leoni as secretary of state looks interesting.  However, I'm really not in a mood to invest time in another series.

22 baseball stadiums were built during Bud Selig's 22 years as MLB commissioner.  He still can't figure out what to do with Oakland.

Steamtown is admission free on Monday.  Parents, if your children aren't back in school, visiting Steamtown will be a nice treat.

Ferguson, MO shows we are still a deeply divided country.

SWB Railriders:  fourth from the bottom in International League attendance.  Can someone tell me why?

Thoughts and prayers to the family of James Foley, a journalist who lost his life getting a story.