Monday, March 9, 2015

Night Owl

As I was driving to one of my many early morning, very early morning shopping trips, I was going through some old schedules in my head.

I haven't been on a Monday through Friday, daytime schedule since 1996, and even then, I was doing a lot of fill in work on the dawn patrol.

Do not cry for me.  This is the life I have chosen.

I remember what a big deal it was, when the first 24 hour stores started popping up in the Scranton areas.  We always had 24 hour diners scattered about, but the actual 24 hour mini mart in my orbit was a 7-11 at Moosic and Meadow in Scranton.  At the time, I was pulling all-nighters on a radio station, so a place for a soda and a snack on the way to work was a gift from heaven.

24 hour Price Choppers started appearing...  followed by a list of others, including the store seen above, Walmart.

I guess I can arrange my life to get things done, on a normal person's schedule.  Shopping during the overnight hours is a wonderful convenience, and I'm thankful I have the opportunity.

There are advantages-- no crowds, no traffic jams, and the store workers seemed a lot less stressed.

And, I'm not alone.  There is usually a scattering of shoppers-- some with full carts, others with just the odds and ends.

We stopped being a 9 to 5 society a long, long time ago.