Tuesday, March 24, 2015


According to FOX News, ten states are considering legislation to out an end to daylight saving time.

Sorry to say, Pennsylvania is not on the list.  But then again, if the tide starts rolling, I can't see how Pennsylvania can continue to opt out.

The twice yearly time change is not the hassle it once was.  Most of my clocks and watches set themselves.  I work all night, and I've found that eases the adjustment.

The big reason to do away with time changes is it's no longer necessary.  Moving to Daylight Savings Time doesn't save the energy it was designed to conserve.  We're no longer an agricultural society, so that argument goes out the window as well.

Yes, if we stay on one schedule, there will be some weeks kids will have to wait for the school bus in semi darkness.  That's the only downside.

Most people seem to hate the switch, whether they gain or lose an hour of sleep.  It's simply a concept that no longer works for most Americans.