Saturday, April 25, 2015

Andy's Angles: Construction Weekend

I've flip flopped on this building a few times.  It's the new University of Scranton center for rehabilitation education at Jefferson and Linden.

I wasn't opposed to the concept.  Colleges and universities, along with dollar stores seem to be driving the local economy lately.  New facilities make those colleges and universities more attractive to students.  They spend money here, and you know the rest.

It looked good on paper, but as all eight stories rose up toward the sky, I was concerned the building would dominate the neighborhood and dwarf what's already here, including and especially Elm Park United Methodist Church.
As you can see, Elm Park still has a height advantage, and it's still very noticeable, although not as much as before.

Workers were inside the U's building, even on a recent Sunday morning.  It's supposed to be ready this summer.